An open source & free web framework, Coevery helps users build modules quickly without writing any code, making it more efficient to develop data-centric business applications.
  • Customizable Entities and Fields
  • Customizable ListView
  • Customizable Form
  • Extendible Objects and Attributes
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You may have tried kinds of ways to provide best user experience to your customer. You may want to seek for a flexible development environment to expand your system existing functions. Coevery, as a platform to design data-centric applications, will help you to fulfill these requirements.

Coevery uses AngularJS and Orchard technologies, wrapping them in an abstraction layer optimized for data management and maintenance. The preview edition has been successfully released. Regular updates, improving all aspects will be followed later. Developed passionately, Coevery provides you the following features:


Relate different modules easily

Centered on data interaction, Coevery makes it easy to get the related data from a predetermined module. Thus enhance the relationship between modules. By creating reference fields or building one-to-many relationship or many-to-many relationship, system will put the related records in a dropdown list for your choosing from.


Create new modules without coding

For its unique extendibility, Coevery makes it quite easy to add new objects, attributes without any coding. Besides CRM, you can use it as other management system, such as Human Resource Management (HRM), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and so on.


Adjust views and forms according to one’s favour

Formdesigner and Listview will help users to create your suitable views and forms. System has set a default layout and view, but you can expand it or change it according to your real use requirement. Soon the function of saving customized settings automatically will be added.


Run Coevery Anywhere with Responsive design

Many applications could only be used on windows devices, and thus are fraught with limitations. Coevery used responsive design, supporting users to deploy it on screen with different sizes, so you can run it anywhere with your mobile phone, laptop, tablet PC and on any mobile devices.


Access the system efficiently

Coevery adopt Siglepage design, which doesn’t need to refresh the whole page when modifying data, thus will reduce pressure on server. Besides that, the little amount of data transmission avoids high load to the system, this will enhance system’s performance.


A total free open source system

Coevery provides users with an open, transparent operation mode. Our open source scripts, corporate culture, our transparent development technology, add a level of value and trust between customers and our system. By choosing a totally free coevery, you will gain the most benefits with the least costs.


You can get more details at GitHub OR download it below.


username: admin

password: 123456789


The Coevery Public License Version 3.0 ("CPL")

Coevery open source edition is licensed under coevery Public License. It's basically a GPLv3 License plus the "powered by coevery" text requirement on every single page. The coevery Public License Version 3.0 ("CPL") consists of the GPL3 License with the Additional Terms below. The original GPLv3 License can be found at:

Additional coevery terms:

However, in addition to the other notice obligations, (1) all copies of the Program in Executable and Source Code form must, as a form of attribution of the original author, include on each user interface screen (i) the "powered by coevery" text; and (2) all derivative works and copies of derivative works of the Covered Code in Executable and Source Code form must include on each user interface screen (i) the "powered by coevery" text. In addition, the "powered by coevery" text, as appropriate, must be visible to all users, must appear in each user interface screen, and must be in the same position. When users click on the "powered by coevery" text it must direct them to This obligation shall also apply to any copies or derivative works.

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